We at Gillingham Gymnastics club are a small registered charity based in a "hardship" area of Medway providing training and coaching for children of all ages including those with special needs and mental health.

Through regular training and exercise, we help to combat obesity in children, encourage commitment, discipline, team spirit and most of all, social interaction and FUN -  all skills which will help them in their future lives.

Through the years we have had many children excel at competition level, gaining Regional and National titles.

  We are currently coaching a number of children in the discipline of tumbling.  This is a series of linked gymnastic moves put together in a long line, which has to be performed on a 24 metre track.

Charlotte, who is aged 13, has been selected for competition this year.  She already holds a title of Regional 1 Champion in Tumbling and will be competing in the English Finals Championship in just a few months time.

Tia, who is also 13, is about to defend her title of South East Regional Champion (Gold Level)

 in the disciplines of Floor and Vault.  Tumbling forms part of the floor routine and so the need for a tumble track plays a large part in this discipline.

Tia who has registered disabilities, actually competes in the able bodied section and has achieved the highest level in Floor and Vault and will now progress to Tumbling which is a higher skilled level.  Tia will compete at the Qualifiers for the British and hopefully the English Finals next year.

We have several gymnasts with the potential to progress onto Competition Level Tumbling but to enable our gymnasts to compete at competition level, it is necessary to train at that level.  To do this a Tumble Track of 24 metres is required.

 Currently we only have a 12 metre track and desperately need to extend our existing track from 12 to 24 metres

 to meet the required standard.

A single 12 metre tumble track costs £5,995, as hard we try we can not reach this figure on our own and are desperate for some community support.  Any help towards our target would mean so much to our club and enable us to reach our full potential. 

 The provision of a 2nd Tumble Track would give so many children the opportunity to compete in this discipline and enhance the training and development in other disciplines such as floor routines, artistic and modified disciplines, which we have individuals and squads competing in all of these.

 Once our target has been reached and we've purchased the tumble track, a date for an unveiling ceremony and fun-day will be announced, with local press in attendance and publicised on our social media channels. 

 Without your support, this would be unachievable.

We thank you for receiving our appeal and hope that you can help the children of Medway fulfil their dreams and ambitions for several years to come, by donating towards the track they so desperately need.